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Project Blue Student Competition

** This design competition is a learning exercise. It is not a campus project that is under design or consideration. **

map of the Kellogg CreekRe-envisioning Kellogg Creek

The College of Science invites all students to apply their extraordinary talents, skills and creativity to re-envisioning a little known natural resource, Kellogg Creek, into a campus centerpiece. This learning exercise is an opportunity to explore, observe, discover and collaborate on the significant scientific, cultural, and historic attributes of the campus’ surrounding environment.

Kellogg Creek

Rarely noticed and informally named, Kellogg Creek originates just above the Box Canyon area (behind Building 1 and below the Kellogg House) of the Voorhis Ecological Reserve. As it flows downhill through the Reserve, the creek supports a typical southern California riparian habitat (e.g. coast live oaks, sycamores, willows). Currently, at its junction with Parking Lot A, the creek is channeled into a drain. However, seepage is evident by the presence of irises and non-native palms just to the northwest of Building 1. As surface water collects, it is drained below ground.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to imagine a different Kellogg Creek, one that is a vital component of the campus infrastructure, a place where community members can gather, learn, investigate, and appreciate a scarce commodity in Southern California – water! This will be a tri-phased event with competitions occurring every quarter. At the end of each quarter, teams will showcase their results as a poster presented publicly at a locally hosted event where a panel of faculty members will judge entries. All competitors will receive a 75th anniversary T-shirt. Cash prizes will be awarded to first ($750/team), second ($500/team), and third ($250/team) place winners of each quarterly event. 


For more competition details, download a PDF of the three challenges and rules.

3 Contest Phases

Phase I: Dream/Envision

Winners: Flor Mota and Whitney Redfield

Challenge: Develop a conceptual land/resource use plan.

Deadline: Jan. 22

Poster presentation: Jan. 31

Phase II: Design/Develop

First place: Jane Tsong and a team consisting of of Flor Mota, Whitney Redfield, Jason Bingham, Xin Ma and Tyler Sprague.

Second place: Morgan Smith

Challenge: Design and develop a study plan that addresses one or more technical or practical aspects of the creek or surrounding environs. 

Deadline: March 5

Poster presentation: March 14

Phase III: Demonstrate/Test

Challenge: Report on results from a demonstration or test of one or more aspects of a use plan  or study plan.

Deadline: May 14

Poster presentation: May 23