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Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 3 Fan Favorite Winners!

"Graceful Resolution" by Spencer Fennik
"Oscillation in Space" by Neil Johnson
"Toward a Bright Future" by Khanh Nga

Learn more about the 75th Anniversary Photo Contest.

Campus Beauty

"October Morning" by Sarah Mansoor
"The Majestic Library" by Orlando Ortiz
"Toward a Bright Future" by Khanh Nga *Winner of online vote*
"Oscillation in Space" by Neil Johnson *Winner of online vote*
"Cactus" by Andrew Paige

Campus Life

"Trilogy" by Robert Brett
"Graceful Resolution" by Spencer Fennik *Winner of online vote*
"The Autumn Muse" by Rhett Villanueva
"Aqua Poly" by Lauren Guteirrez
"Breakfast for the Family" by Darren Isomoto

This is Cal Poly Pomona
"Art Deco Architecture" by Robert Brett
"Focus" by Corey Armend
"A Broader Horizon" by Zoran Liu Moy
"Professor on Piano" by Trevor Henderson
"Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona" by Darren Isomoto