Cal Poly Pomona

Desktop and Server Support

Server Support

  • Most of our servers are hosted in a Virtual environment on the Administrative Affairs/Student Affairs SAN. Our SAN is made up of 2 ESX servers to host our VM's, 3.3TB of storage (file storage, data migration storage and etc), and a very robust tape backup system that backs up data for all our servers. We also have a weekly rotation cycle to send our backup tapes off site to Iron Mountain . This allows us to maintain our backups in an event of a disaster.
  • Currently we have 24 servers that we support for our division. Our support covers servers such as File servers, SQL, PGP, Web, TMA, Crystal, print, ghost, and etc.

Desktop support

  • We currently support close to 400 computers for the whole division
  • We also support 65 network printers (shared printers) and 126 local printers on users desktops.
  • We also support a wide variety of software applications and suites