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Helpdesk - Logon

Logging into the Helpdesk for the first time

  1. The first time you connect to the helpdesk, you should see a similar registration screen as below. This is your profile in the Helpdesk System. Most of the fields should have already been filled out for you. Simply look over the page and make sure all the information is correct.

    Screen shot of registration screen highlighting required fields: Department
    You may correct any of the existing information by typing over them. You may also add any additional information you like into the empty fields.

  2. One thing you do HAVE to do is to select your appropriate "Department". To do so, simply click the drop down box and choose your department. After this, click “Save” to complete your registration.

    Screen shot of user registering and selecting their department

  3. After you've saved your profile. You can continue to the Helpdesk and submitting your first service request by clicking the Main Menu link.

    Screen shot reminding users to click the Main Menu link after saving to begin using the helpdesk


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