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Doing more with the helpdesk

The helpdesk also features a few other useful links that can help you check on the progress of requests you've made, reference solutions to your past requests, and even helpful guides on popular requests.

Screen shot highlighting available fields: List Active Cases, List Closed Cases, Search Knowledgebase

List My Closed Cases

List My Closed Cases – Your closed cases includes ALL issues you have ever submitted which were RESOLVED. This can be useful if there’s a reoccurring problem, you can reference an older case to see what the technician had done previously.

List My Active Cases

List My Active Cases – your Active case can be in one of 4 statuses. In every status, you may click on the “Title” of the case to see what’s been done so far and to view any notes from the technician.

Screenshot of Active Case screen

You case can also be in 1 of 3 colors. Red is high priority, Grey is normal, and Blue is low priority.

You can also see which technician is working on your case under "Contact"

Search Knowledgebase

The knowledgebase is a collection of frequently asked questions and their solutions. If you think you have a common problem or if you just want to read about on some interesting computing tips & tricks, feel free to browse through the knowledgebase. Click the "Reference ID" to read more details about each issue.

Screen shot of search result screen


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