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Submitting a help request

  1. To submit a ticket, just click “Submit New Case.”

    Screen shot of main menu highlighting field: Submit new case

  2. This is the submission form. First select your "Case Type". For Facilities and Procurement users, please select “FPM”. All other users please select “AIS”. If your case is PeopleSoft specific, please select “PeopleSoft”.

    Then select your "Category", depending on what type of problem you’re experiencing. If your problem is not listed or you’re unsure, please select “Unknown/Misc”.

    The rest is just like writing an email. Fill out the “Title” and “Detailed Description” fields and hit “Submit”.

    Screen shot highlighting required fields: Case, Category, Title, and Description. Reminds users to submit with Submit button.

  3. After your submission, you should see the following screen and you will receive an email receipt shortly. From here, you can either return to the Main Menu or just close the screen to exit. Thank you for using the new helpdesk system!

    Screen shot of a successful submittal

Optional - Attachments

  1. If you have a screenshot of the problem or if your problem is related to a specific file, you can use the attachment feature to attach that file to your request. This works very similarly to an email as well. To start, simply click the “Attachments” button .

    Screen shot highlighting optional attachment button

  2. In the new window, click "Browse" to locate your file. Make sure after you’ve found your file, that you click “Attach” to attach the file. You will see the name and size of the file in the text box below if you’ve attached the file successfully.

    When you’re done, click “Close” and you will be returned to the Submission screen. There won’t be another confirmation of your attachment, but don’t worry it’s there.

    Screen shot highlighting required fields: Browse, Attach, and Close


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