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Administrative Affairs Division's
Learning Labs Internship Program

General Information

This program offers students internship/practicum experiences in various departments and units within the Administrative Affairs Division at Cal Poly Pomona, providing opportunities for students to work and learn from staff and administrators. Through field-based experiences, students have the opportunity to strengthen their qualifications and gain experience, while earning academic credit. In the Learning Labs, students establish specific responsibilities and academic requirements with their faculty advisor, in partnership with the Administrative Affairs department/unit internship manager. Learning Lab Internships are unpaid.

Learning Lab - A Course of Work Experience

A Learning Lab is a course of work experience directly related to the student's major and career goal emphasis. Experiential learning can increase a student's understanding of their chosen field and enhance the academic experience by providing new perspectives.


The purpose of the Administrative Affairs Division's Learning Labs Internship Program is to bridge a learning-centered philosophy into the day-to-day operations of the various departments/units of the Administrative Affairs Division.

Learning Labs is in direct alignment with the mission of Cal Poly Pomona, to "advance learning and knowledge by linking theory and practice in all disciplines and to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership, and careers in a changing, multicultural world."

Our vision is to have internship opportunities throughout the various units/programs within our division. The possibilities are substantial for a variety of majors.

Benefits of Learning Labs Internships

Internships are mutually beneficial relationships. The program provides a learning experience while offering a valuable resource for the office, projects, or departmental support. Cal Poly Pomona students are bright, highly motivated, and add tremendous value to our units by yielding research and recommendations we can utilize to improve operations and services. They also bring a sense of satisfaction and pride to the management and staff of the Administrative Affairs Division who participate in this important "learning-centered" contribution to our students.

By sending Learning Lab students back to the classroom aware of workplace practices and equipped with professional abilities, Administrative Affairs Division internship managers significantly improve the quality of education experienced by some of the next generation of professionals graduating from Cal Poly Pomona.

Eligibility and Detailed Information

Links for detailed information regarding the Administrative Affairs Learning Labs, including eligibility information, forms, and internship opportunities are provided below: