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Administrative Affairs Division
Climate Survey

About the Climate Survey

This annual survey is conducted each fall and the purpose of the survey is threefold:

  • To systematically assess current organizational strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of our employees

  • To establish a baseline of data upon which to measure future gains

  • To inspire improvement

Individual survey responses are confidential and are tabulated by the Quality Improvement (QI) Team at the Chancellor's Office.

The survey consists of 21 questions and employees are asked to respond on a quantitative scale to voice their opinion on a particular aspect of their work environment. A free-form space is also provided for the respondent to enter "written comments" of any nature and length. The survey is offered via the web. Translation is provided in spanish for those staff members who desire to take the survey in their native language.

A Continuous Process

The survey is actually a continuous process -- the administering of the questions each October is the first step. The survey is followed by an intensive cycle of improvement, in which staff and management examine the results of the survey and seek how to improve those conditions identified as most in need of improving. The following October's survey serves as a measure of the success of those improvement efforts.

Because the same questions are asked, each subsequent year's results are a direct indicator of the success of the improvement efforts.