Cal Poly Pomona
Human Resource Services
Administrative Affairs Division

Learning Labs - Opportunities

Learning Labs Internship opportunities are advertised through the Career Center and also through posting with specific departments/colleges and their respective internship boards/websites. However, a student may approach management in a specific Administrative Affairs department to inquire about the availability of a Learning Lab opportunity.

Faculty advisors wishing to develop/propose a Learning Lab Internship opportunity are encouraged to contact Administrative Affairs Special Programs at extension 3727.

Departments/units within the Administrative Affairs Division that may have Learning Lab Opportunities include:

Human Resources Services

•  HRS Customer Service Center

•  Diversity & Compliance

•  Environmental Health & Safety

•  Human Resources

•  Organizational Development & Training

•  Payroll Services

•  Risk Management

Facilities Planning and Management

•  Energy Services

•  Mechanical Services

•  Logistics & Recycling Services

•  Landscape Services

•  Facilities Design and Construction

•  Facilities Management

•  Facilities Planning

Finance & Administrative Services

•  Budget Services

•  University Financial Services

•  Graphic Communication Services

•  Distribution Services

•  Procurement & Support Services