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Partnership for Improvement

About the Partnership for Improvement

The Administrative Affairs Division employs continuous quality improvement efforts throughout the entire division, utilizing a variety of methods and processes. In order to strengthen and support our division's emphasis and focus on quality improvement, the Partnership for Improvement (PFI) Team was established. Each PFI team member is charged with facilitating and guiding the continuous quality improvement efforts for their respective areas.

The Partnership for Improvement initiative includes every division employee--we are all partners for division-wide quality improvement. We consistently look for better ways to improve services, exceed customers' expectations, and ultimately provide the best campus experience possible for our students.

Partnership for Improvement Core Team

Janet Cain, Administrative Affairs Programs Analyst, facilitates the PFI team meetings and coordinates the collection of data and development of reports. The core team includes the following area representatives:

Administrative Affairs - VP's Office

  • Leanne Branconier, Executive Assistant to Vice President & CFO
  • Janet Cain, Administrative Affairs Programs Analyst

Facilities Planning & Management

  • Walter Marquez, Associate Vice President
  • To be determined

Finance & Administrative Services (F&AS)

  • Michelle Cardona, Lead Accountant
  • Angelia Schultz, Director, Student Accounting & Cashiering Services

Human Resource Services

  • Sandra Bufalini, Manager of Employment & Compensation
  • To be determined