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Priorities and Initiatives

  • ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award - creates university-wide recruitment, retention and development that increase the number of women faculty in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and enable them to further their careers.
  • Developing Online Learning-Centered Environments (DOLCE) – Assists faculty teams in redesigning high-enrollment and bottleneck courses for online or blended learning delivery in a manner that retains academic quality, efficient use of faculty time, and focus on learning-centeredness.
  • First Year Experience - Creates Course Outlines, outcomes and assessment information for First Year Experience courses.
  • The GIS Literate Campus Initiative - Advances GIS academic programs to provide instruction, research, and outreach to students, faculty, staff, and constituents around the world.
  • Kellogg Honors College – Provides an intellectually and socially stimulating environment for students of all majors to come together as a community of scholars.
  • Learning-Centered University – Supports learning for all members of the campus community by fostering an evidence-based culture of continuous improvement.
  • Service Learning - Provides students with structured opportunities to learn, develop, and reflect through active participation and thoughtfully-organized community involvement.
  • Stories of Successful Learning - Annual poster-conference in which the university community shares ideas about student learning.
  • Teacher-Scholar – Seeks to develop the integration of teaching and scholarship.
  • Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant (TQE/Teacher PREP) - Improves the preparation of teachers for the challenges of the region’s diverse 21st century classrooms.
  • OUR-CPP – Seeks to increase participation of undergraduate students in research.
  • WASC Reaccreditation – Fosters a climate that will lead to the best possible understanding and knowledge of the entire WASC accreditation process and particularly Cal Poly Pomona’s efforts to achieve accreditation.