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Cal Poly Pomona’s mission is to advance learning and knowledge by linking theory and practice in all disciplines, and to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership and careers in a changing multicultural world. 

The winner of the Provost’s Award Staff Member of the Year is an individual whose work not only embodies the mission of Cal Poly Pomona but who has repeatedly – and with distinction – impacted the lives of faculty, students, and staff throughout the academic year. 

Each Provost’s Award nominee’s contributions are assessed and determined by their service to the campus community – and beyond – and embody the criteria identified in the values and mission of Academic Affairs which include:

  • Providing services to support students in reaching their academic goals.
  • Facilitating the professional development of faculty in all phases of their careers as teacher-scholars.
  • Building and enhancing an international perspective.
  • Advancing a culture of civic engagement.
  • Assisting faculty and staff in obtaining external support for their professional activities.
  • Facilitating program innovation, assessment, and review.
  • Managing data and providing analytic support to guide planning and decision-making.
  • Providing financial, physical, and technological resources, and
  • Working on matters of shared governance with the Academic Senate and other constituencies.

Nominations must be complete or they will not be forwarded to the committee for consideration.

To nominate an individual, please make sure they meet the eligibility requirements.

For questions, please send an email to

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