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Early Start at Another CSU Campus

Early Start math and English courses are also available at every CSU campus making it possible for all students to participate. Participants will be able to browse one or more campuses depending on which Early Start course(s) they intend to take. Please visit the CSU Early Start Course Listing link for a complete list of summer Early Start course offerings online and on campus: CSU EARLY START COURSE LISTING SITE


  • Early Start courses taken at other CSU Campuses allow you to satisfy your Early Start summer mandatory participation. 
  • Most courses taken at other CSU Campuses may or may not allow you to complete or move forward in a remediation level at Cal Poly Pomona


Registering at another Campus:

You must first sign up on the “Smart Page” before you can register for Early Start classes. To complete your Smart Page registration you must first select which CSU campus you will be attending in the summer to begin and/or complete your pre-college course work by login into your home campus student portal.


  • Once you have selected which CSU Campus you will be attending in the summer to participate in the Early Start Program through the Smart Page site, it may take up to two business days before the selected campus contacts you with further instructions on how to complete your registration process.


For Cal Poly Pomona Service Students:

To ensure that you complete the application process, your next step is to claim your Cal Poly Pomona account, which will provide you with your Cal Poly Pomona e-mail address, Bronco Name, and Bronco Password.

To claim your account, please follow the instructions below:

1a. Visit "The Account Claiming Process" eHelp website for detailed instructions on how to claim your account:


1b. Visit the account activation website directly:
2. Enter your Bronco Number: #########
3. Enter your Claim Code: (Your birthdate using the YYMMDD format)

Claiming your account allows you to access a student information portal called BroncoDirect.