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First Year Experience

Welcome to First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program has been developed by the University to give you an introduction to the skills necessary for success here at Cal Poly Pomona and the building blocks for lifelong learning. Each college has developed their adaptation of the First Year Experience Program including one or more courses in which you get an overview of the opportunities and possible careers associated with your major, supplemented by activities such as visits to on-campus services, field trips, and community projects. Your College Orientation Advisor will give you more details about the program for your major.

If you are in one of these colleges, you should talk to your advisor about the following:

Agriculture: AG 100
Business: BUS 101
Collins College of Hospitality Management: HRT 101
Education and Integrative Studies: IGE 120, 121, 122
Engineering: EGR 100/L  (also satisfies GE Area E)
Environmental Design: ENV 101, ART 140A, and ART 150A
Letters, Arts and Social Sciences: CLS 101/A (also satisfies GE Area E)
Science: SCI 101/A + 102/A, SCI 110/A + 111/A (also satisfies GE Area E)

Your College Advisor will give you more details about FYE Program opportunities.

If you have not declared a major:
You are expected to participate in the Undeclared Student Program offered by Student Support and Equity Programs.