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2003-2005 Catalog Credits

Photos taken by Cal Poly Pomona students from COM 131 and COM 231.
Professors: Dr. Wayne Rowe and Ms. Jenni Kolski

Aguilar, Carlyle, 201
Ambriz, Claudia, 478
Au, Emily, 292
Berumen, Eduardo, 344
Best, Vanessa, 298
Bojorquez, Jeanin, 35
Bounds, Brandy, 75
Carter, Sara, 544
Chen, Catherine, 11
Chow, Ralph, 21
Collins, Garry, 95
Dallal, Christina, 395
De Leon, Jennifer, 198-199
Del Rosario, Luis, 37
Faleye, Akintade, 65
Garcia, Brenda, 163, 255
Garcia, Javier, 537
Gonzales, Jennifer, 586
Holliday, Aimee, 444-445
Kapella, Matondo, 118
Ligaya, Lordan, 456-457
Nisperos, Neil, 150
Oda, Tiffany, 154
Ou, Robyn, 427
Qureshi, Samrina, 197
Roose, Rebekah, 332
Saulter, Trisha, 476
Schultz, Jeffrey, 270
Shingyouchi, Hajime, 94
Snookal, Constance, 530
Tam, Portia, 115
Thrasher, Laura, 551
Tran, Cammie, 311
Tran, Mai N., 13
Truong, Annette, 438
Wang, Young, 242

Contributing Photographer
Thomas Zasadzinski

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Lucy Carreras, Production Manager
Darcy DuRant, Staff Assistant
Scott Holmquist, Technical Supervisor
Alfred Lau, Desktop Publishing Specialist and Consultant
Ashley Thai, Staff Assistant

Our thanks to the staff in the Office of Public Affairs for their contributions and technical advice.

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