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A Commitment to Education

Graduating in four years is often a top priority of both students and families as they make decisions about a college education. The Cal Poly Pomona Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program is designed to guarantee graduation within four years for freshmen entering the University. The pledge program involves a promise by students to balance school, work and personal responsibilities so that their commitment to education is honored. The University, in turn, provides an effective and coordinated advising program and facilitates registration in appropriate course work. Our pledge program is based on the philosophy that if both the University and the student uphold their commitment, graduation in four years should be guaranteed.

Is the Program for Me?

Are You:

  • Committed to graduating in four years? Five years for Architecture majors?
  • A first quarter freshman student entering Cal Poly Pomona?
  • Entering Cal Poly with a declared major?
  • Eligible to enroll in a general education college-level math appropriate to your major based on the Entry-Level Mathematics Exam (ELM) and/or the Mathematics Diagnostic Placement Test (MDPT), or qualified for an exemption?
  • Eligible to enroll in a college-level English course based on the English Placement Test (EPT), or qualified for an exemption?

To Maintain Program Eligibility

  • Pledge students must remain in the same major they selected when they entered the University.
  • Pledge students must successfully complete 25% of the required units for their degree per year to ensure meeting the minimum graduation requirements appropriate to the major.
  • Pledge students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.2.
  • Pledge students must earn a "C" or better or CR (credit/no credit classes) in all course work taken.

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