Four Year Pledge

Who may enroll?

All eligible first year freshman students entering with a declared major.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Contact Cynthia Brown, Coordinator/Counselor for the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program at (909) 869-3121, cdbrown@csupomona.edu, or the designated representative from your college. These indivuals are listed in this brochure for your convenience.

Why is the program limited to students with a declared major? Why is changing majors prohibited?

Having a declared major ensures timely completion of your degree. For many majors, students are required to begin major and/or prerequisite course work in the first quarter.

How to apply?


How do I receive advising once I am accepted into the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program?

You will be assigned a permanent advisor within your department to assist you with your course of study.

Why is changing majors not recommended?

If you change your major after your first quarter, the courses you have already completed may not meet the major and/or prerequisite course work for your new major, thus, you will not be able to graduate in four years.

Working together


  1. Welcome Letter (PDF)
  2. Transfer Flyer (PDF)

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