Cal Poly Pomona


Accessible Techonology Initiative (ATI) Steering Committee

John W. McGuthry, Chief Information Officer
Division of Instructional and Information Technology (IT)

Carol K. (Heins) Gonzales, Interim Assoc. CIO, Projects & Support

Accessible Technology Coordinator/Committee Co-Chair
Division of Instructional and Information Technology (IT)

Victoria Bhavsar, Director

Faculty Center for Professional Development/eLearning

Kevin Colaner,Associate Vice President/Committee Co-chair
Student Affairs, Student Services

Sherry Daniel, Electronic Resource Coordinator
University Library

Bo Choi, Instructional Designer

Suzanne Donnelly, Assistant Director, Book Division
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc.

Debra A. Garr , Procurement & Asset Management Lead
Procurement & Support Services

Debbie L. Jackley, Marketing Coordinator
Student Health Services

Michelle Magcalas, Online Support Specialist
Office of Public Affairs

Carmen Munoz-Silva, Director
Diversity & Compliance

Cathy Ann Neale, Marketing Coordinator - Gas Creative Group

Tracee Passeggi, Interim Director
Disability Resource Center

Kathleen Prunty, Director
Procurement & Support Services

Catherine Schmitt Whitaker, Interim Director
Student Health Services

Jayson Smith, Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences Department

Glendy Yeh, Associate CIO, Enterprise Applications
representing IT Media Vision

vacant, faculty