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Impacted Majors

Freshmen Impaction Chart

The California State University (CSU) designates majors as "impacted," meaning there are more applications from qualified applicants than there are spaces available.

The CSU will announce during the fall filing period those majors that are impacted and the supplementary criteria campuses will use.  That announcement will be published in the CSU Review, which is distributed to high school and college counselors.  

All freshmen applicants for these impacted academic majors must meet supplemental eligibility criteria defined by Cal Poly Pomona, in addition to all CSU eligibility requirements.

Applying to an Impacted Major

  • Applications must be submitted by November 30 for the fall quarter of the following year (postmark by Nov. 30 will be accepted).
  • Applicants must meet University admission requirements, in addition to the supplemental criteria for impacted majors.
  • First-Time Freshman admissions is determined by their Eligibility Index (GPA and SAT/ACT scores).
  • Admission of First-Time Freshmen is dependent on receipt of an official final high school transcript.

*Note: Continuing students interested in a change of major to an impacted major must also meet supplemental criteria defined by Cal Poly Pomona.

  • Freshmen Requirement
    • Official SAT or ACT scores received by the University no later than January 31.
  • Transfer Requirement
    • Golden 4 completion with "C" or better no later than the Spring term prior to enrollment
    • For a list of transferable courses please visit