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AB 2402


Persons wishing to comment on the proposal are invited to submit thm in writing to the above address or send them electronically to: To be evaluated and considered by campus personnel and the CSU Chancellor's Office, all written comments and evidence must be recieved by the campus by 5:00pm on March 10, 2017.

Late submittal of written comments or evidence will not be allowed or accepted into the record for this matter without a showing of good cause for the delay, and in no event if any party would be unduly prejudiced by the late submittal or if staff or the campus would not have an adequate opportunity to review, consider and respond to the comments or evidence.


For additional information or to make a appointment to review the file, please email us at

Proposed Un-Impaction for the programs in Construction Engineering Technology, Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology, Electronic Systems Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering, Management & Human Resources, Manufacturing Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and Undeclared.

Programs of Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology and Electronic Systems Engineering Technology were formally identified as Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology and Engineering Technology.

AB 2402, a newly enacted law, requires CSU campuses to notify, consult, and conduct hearings and post comments from their stakeholders and the general public regarding their intention to make a change to admission criteria that would affect local service area prospective students. Specifically, the bill "requires the trustees to ensure compliance with specified requirements for the adoption of changes in the criteria for admission to a campus of the university that affect the eligibility of applicants residing within the local service area, as defined, of the campus. The bill would require these procedures to include specified notice, hearing, and approval requirements." This website announcement is one part of this process.

It should be noted that this is a new process for the CSU and that our intent here at Cal Poly Pomona is to provide you with information of the proposed changes to admission criteria, our rationale, the potential impacts for local service area students, notice of the public hearings as well as give you an opportunity to be a part of the process.