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Local Admission Area for Transfers

Cal Poly Pomona is impacted at the campus level for all programs (campus impaction), with some academic programs being impacted further at the program/major level (major impaction).

Campus Impaction:

For majors that are not impacted at Cal Poly Pomona, admission is impacted at the campus level for all transfer applicants. Applicants who are from local area schools are required to meet the minimum CSU eligibility requirements only.  Non-local applicants must meet additional criteria which may include a higher grade point average to be considered for admission.

Local Admission Area include the following:

Mount San Antonio College

Citrus College

Prorgram/Major Impaction:

For certain majors at Cal Poly Pomona that are identified as impacted at the program/major level, there is not a distinction between local area or non-local area applicants for impacted programs. All candidates must meet regular University admission standards, coursework, etc. and meet any additional standards required by the major department.

Current impacted majors include:

Aerospace Engineering Construction Engineering Technology 
Animal Health Science Electrical Engineering
Animal Science Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology 
Architecture Engineering Technology 
Biology Environmental Biology
Biotechnology Industrial Engineering 
Business Administration (Accounting) Kinesiology (Health Promotion)
Business Administration (Management and Human Resources)  Kinesiology (Exercise Science Option)
Chemical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering
Chemistry Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Music (Industry Studies Option)
Communication Physics
Computer Engineering Psychology
Computer Science Sociology

For more information on the specific impacted major requirements go to Impaction for Transfers.