Steele Lab

Cal poly pomona

Biological Science Department

Current Lab Members

Andrew Steele, PI      Jennifer Enriquez, MS candidate      

Dina Assali, MS candidate    Charles Zhang, Biotechnology

Antonio Aguayo, Biology     Camille Martin, Biotechnology          

Brad Lunsford, Engineering  Anthony Gomez, Engineering

Eddie Acevedo, Biology


Former Cal Poly Pomona Lab Members

Commencement 2016. From left to right: Antonio Aguayo, Lynlee Stevey, Andrew Steele, Elizabeth Hill, Gina Giancola, and Natalie Garcia

Elizabeth Hill, MS '16        Natalie Garcia '16      Lynlee Stevey '16      

Gina Giancola '16             Tim Huddy '15          Jamie Adkins '15


Antonio Aguayo (left), Andrew Steele (center), and Sep Eskandari (right), Awards night for Biological Science, 2014

Former Caltech Lab Members (2008-2013)

Cynthia Hsu (Caltech 2009-11)   Keith Gunapala (Caltech 2008-2011)             Christian Gallardo (2011-13)   Matthew Luby (2011-2012)  Vinita Khilnani (MS, Cal State LA)   Mia Oviatt (2012-13)