Cal Poly Pomona

Leadership Development

ADVANCE is working to increase CPP STEM women’s capacity to influence decisions and policy at the university and national levels. Activities include mentoring between junior and senior STEM faculty and developing paths to leadership at CPP and external organizations.


Mentoring is a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties, providing a supportive, safe and enabling environment in which to develop to one's fullest potential. The goal of ADVANCE's mentoring program at CPP is to enhance the professional development of women faculty in STEM fields and to assist junior faculty in becoming familiar with university/college culture. Additional goals include:

  • Encourage an academic culture of interdisciplinary collegiality and collaboration.
  • Retain faculty by enhancing work-life balance.
  • Reduce feelings of isolation for women faculty in STEM fields.
  • Raise the profile of women faculty in STEM fields.
  • Create a supportive networking community among STEM women faculty.
  • Develop a learning community in which STEM women faculty actively learn from one another.


Application for New Mentees

Please click on the link above to access a mentor request form. Complete the form and email to