Cal Poly Pomona


ADVANCE Executive Committee:

  • Dr. Barbara Hacker, ADVANCE Principal Investigator & Professor, Chemical & Materials
  • Dr. Ed Hohmann, Co-Principal Investigator & Dean of the College of Engineering
  • Dr. Don Straney, Co-Principal Investigator & Dean of the College of Science
  • Dr. Peggy Perry, Co-Principal Investigator & Professor, Plant Science
  • Dr. Jill Nemiro, Co-Principal Investigator & Associate Professor, Psychology & Sociology
  • Mary Lucero Ferrel, Project Coordinator

ADVANCE Associates

  • Subodh Bhandari, Aerospace Engineering
  • Bill Kitch, Civil Engineering
  • Lloyd Lee , Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Norali Pernalete, Engineering Technology
  • Phyllis Nelson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Victor Okhuysen, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Kathleen Puskar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kristine Hartney, Biological Sciences
  • Laurie Starkey, Chemistry
  • Lan Yang, Computer Science
  • Jascha Polet, Geological Scienes
  • Berit Givens, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Nina Abramzon, Physics
  • Michele Rash, Animal & Veterinary Science
  • Kelly Parkins, Horticulture and Plant Science
  • Sharonda Wallace, Human Nutrition and Food Science