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Thank You

Thank You

We thank these 76 members of the California Legislature for their continued support of what the CSU does for California. They have joined forces to urge their leadership and Governor Brown to provide the additional $95 million the CSU has requested in order to  increase the number of students able to be enrolled for the 2014-15 academic year, to provide additional student support programs to increase graduation rates, and to address long-deferred maintenance issues. Please take the opportunity to express your appreciation to these Members when you have the chance.


Achadjian, Katcho

Alejo, Luis

Allen, Travis

Ammiano, Tom

Bigelow, Frank

Bocanegra, Raul

Bonilla, Susan

Bradford, Steve

Calderon, Ian

Campos, Norma

Chau, Ed

Chavez, Rocky

Conway, Connie

Cooley, Ken

Dababneh, Matthew

Dickinson, Roger

Eggman, Susan

Fong, Paul

Fox, Steve

Frazier, Jim

Gaines, Beth

Garcia, Cristina

Gomez, Jimmy

Gonzalez, Lorena

Gorell, Jeff 

Gray, Adam

Hagman, Curt

Hernandez, Roger

Holden, Chris

Jones, Brian

Jones-Sawyer, Reginald

Levine, Marc

Linder, Eric

Maienschein, Brian

Medina, Jose

Muratsuchi, Al

Nestande, Brian

Olsen, Kristen

Perea, Henry

Perez, V. Manuel

Quirk-Silva, Sharon

Rendon, Anthony

Rodriguez, Freddie

Salas, Rudy

Stone, Mark

Wagner, Donald

Waldron, Marie

Wieckowski, Bob

Wilk, Scott

Williams, Das

Yamada, Mariko


Anderson, Joel

Beall, Jim

Berryhill, Tom

Block, Marty

Corbett, Ellen

Correa, Lou

De Leon, Kevin

Evans, Noreen

Fuller, Jean

Hancock, Loni

Hernandez, Ed

Hill, Jerry

Hueso, Ben

Huff, Bob

Galgiani, Cathleen

Knight, Steve

Lara, Ricardo

Lieu, Ted

Liu, Carol

Mitchell, Holly

Padilla, Alex

Pavley, Fran

Torres, Norma

Vidak, Andy

Wolk , Lois

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