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Enrollment, Holds, Petitions, and BroncoDirect Functions

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BroncoDirect is your online portal where you will find convenient access to important university information, administrative services, and business transactions. BroncoDirect Please check eHelp for detailed instructions on how to log into Peoplesoft and view the Advisor Center.

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Prerequisites are courses that must be completed by the student before they can take Upper Division courses. Some programs or departments require students to achieve minimum grades in prerequisite courses. When advising students, it is important to look up prerequisite information particularly if the course is offered through another college besides their own.

Co-requisites are courses that need to be completed before the next course or completed at the same time as another course. Many times, if the student has not yet completed the co-requisite courses, they will not be able to sign up for one without the other. Also, both courses need to be open for the student to register for both (this applies particularly to courses with lab components).

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The Degree Progress Report is a tool that provides information about the completion status of undergraduate degree requirements at Cal Poly Pomona.  Commonly called the "degree audit", it indicates which requirements have been satisfied and which ones still must be completed. You can take a look at the Degree Progress Report page on the Registrar’s website for more information.

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Enrollment Appointments are assigned by the Registrar’s office and viewable in the Advisor Center. Appointments are assigned based on units completed.  Enrollment limits change during the enrollment cycle and are related to the student’s major. The quarterly enrollment timeline is posted on the Registrar’s Office website.

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Permission Numbers are used when the class is either full, requires consent, or to bypass a pre-requisite or co-requisite. They are given out by the Class instructor or department office. Please advise students that Permission Numbers expire at the end of the Add/Drop period. 

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Appeals and Reinstatement petitions

Class Withdrawal

Course Substitutions

Exceed the Unit Cap

General Academic Petition

Grade Forgiveness

Leave of Absence


Optional credit/no credit grading

Petition to waive restrictions on course repeats

Retroactive Withdrawal

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Service Indicators or holds are located in Peoplesoft on a student’s record. A student will not be able to register until their hold is cleared. When you log into the Advisor Center you should be able to click on the student’s particular hold. You will need access to remove holds related to Academic Standing or your Department specific holds. If a Hold is placed by other departments or programs on campus, the student will need to consult with that particular area to get the hold removed. You can also get access to remove specific departmental holds or holds related to academic standing. If you require this access, please consult with your Chair or Supervisor to get the access you need. You will most likely need access to PeopleSoft. Some advisors will need access to Data Warehouse, Bronco Interactive Dashboard, and Onbase. It is important to read the details of the hold. For example, the Emergency Contact hold can only be removed after the student verifies his or her emergency contact information. Students do not always know how to read the details of the hold and may not know what to do in order to have their holds removed.

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There are various systems that assist with determining transfer credit articulation. A student has access in Peoplesoft to view their Transfer Credit Report. This is located in the dropdown menu as an option in the Student Center and Advisor Center (the same area the Degree Progress Report is located). The Transfer Credit Report shows courses a student took at another institution and how they transferred to Cal Poly Pomona (units, equivalent courses, grades, etc.). It will also show what courses did not transfer. and the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) are tools that advisors and students can use to determine course transferability. typically has articulation agreements between community colleges and four year institutions. TES typically has other articulation agreements between Cal States, UCs and other universities across the country. The database is constantly being updated; therefore certain courses may not be articulated yet. If a student is unable to find an articulation for a certain course they took somewhere else, a course substitution will be the recommended step.

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Students may waitlist for a course through their enrollment cart in BroncoDirect when a course is full with the exception of courses with co-requisite requirements. Cal Poly Pomona allows "waitlisting" for most classes. Waitlisting provides students the opportunity to "get in line" to get into a closed class. Waitlists are processed nighly at approximately 9pm while registration is open and are maintained through the fourth day of instruction for the term. Students are encouraged to use the waitlisting system with care. Students are not permitted to be enrolled in one section of a class, and waitlisted in another section.

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