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Important Policies

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Students must have a 2.0 to be in good standing. Student who are below 2.2 (2.0-2.19) are considered at-risk and receive a hold on their account. Students under a 2.0 are either on Probation or Disqualification depending on the GPA threshold. Students on probation typically fill out the Advising Contract and have it signed by an Advisor before the hold is removed by the department. Students who are on Disqualification receive a hold that is only removed by the Registrar’s Office once they receive approval from the college. The university catalog describes students’ options in regards to Disqualification. A detailed chart explaining the Disqualification policy is located on the Academic Programs website.

Please see the case studies below to assist you in advising students who fall below good standing

Case Study 1

Brittany was admitted as an undeclared student in Fall 2013. In Spring 2014, she declared physics as her major. Shortly after, she began having academic difficulty when she did not pass a pre-requisite mathematics course. She was also placed on Probation because her CPP GPA and Overall GPA fell below  2.0. In Winter 2015, she failed the pre-requisite mathematics for the third time which contributed to her remaining on probation. Brittany comes to you during your open hours or office hours wondering what are the next steps she should take. How would you advise her?

Possible Answer:

Brittany has attempted and failed the math pre-requisite three times, therefore, she will need to re-take the course at a community college. It would be beneficial to show her so she can determine which community college has the course that is equivalent to the pre-requisite course at CPP. Also, Brittany should be encouraged to explore other majors since she is struggling in the beginning coursework for physics. The advisor should speak to her about what other majors align with her career goals. She will need to have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in order to change her major to a non-impacted major. Impacted majors typically require a GPA higher than 2.0.  Brittany can also be referred to the Career Center if she is unsure of what other majors/careers she can explore.

Case Study 2

John was admitted as a freshman Biology student in Fall 2008. Through his time at Cal Poly Pomona, he encountered some academic difficulty in a few of his courses. However, he continued to remain in “Good Standing” because he was able to utilize Grade Forgiveness to keep his GPA above 2.0. In Winter 2014, John fell into Probation after earning a 1.39 quarter GPA. In Spring 2014, he fell into Disqualification status since he attained senior standing. He comes to you with questions regarding his options. How would you advise him?

Possible answer:

It is important to inform John that he must remove himself from Disqualification within 24 units. If he does not, he will receive a final disqualification and be permanently removed from the university. Since he is a senior, it is important to also look at his core GPA to ensure that it is above 2.0. If the student can afford to go part-time, it may be in his best interest to take 1-2 classes per quarter to guarantee that he passes the courses with a “B” or higher. 

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Classes dropped during the add/drop period will not have a recorded grade. AFTER the add/drop period closes, students may drop courses in BroncoDirect and receive a “W” grade until the 15th day of the quarter. AFTER the 15th day, a request for class withdrawal for serious and compelling reasons is required to drop and requires the approval of the instructor, department chair, Dean, and Associate Provost.

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Cal Poly Pomona has both impacted and non-impacted majors. Impacted majors are difficult to change into and typically have high GPA requirements along with certain course requirements. You can find more information regarding Change of Major requirements on the Academic Programs website.

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Only grades of "C-" and below along with WU and IC may be repeated. Coures repetition is limited to 42 units. A student may repeat a course no more than 2 times with a total of 3 attempts. Grade Forgiveness may be applied to a maximum of 16 units but is not automatic. A student must fill out the petition and get it signed by an Advisor.

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Incompletes are agreed upon by a student and instructor. They are for students who have completed most of the course but an extenuating circumstance is preventing them from completing the course. A student may NOT re-enroll in a course they received an ‘I’ grade in. The “I” will become an “IC” if the student does not complete the coursework within the agreed timeframe. An “IC” is equivalent to an "F" grade.If the student completes the course at a later time, the "I" will change to the grade assigned by the instructor.

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Students can “stop out” for two consecutive quarters. Start 2017, summer does not count toward the 2 terms of stop out. After that, they will need to re-apply to the university.

In extenuating circumstances students in GOOD Standing can take a leave of absence up to 8 quarters.

These policies may change when the University converts to semesters in Fall 2018.

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