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Advising Special Student Populations

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The International Center provides support to international students while transition to campus and services throughout their studies. Please be aware of the following pieces of information when advising students:

  • International students must always be at full-time status (Undergraduate at 12 units and Graduate at 8 units); the only exception is when completing their final quarter when they only take the units needed to graduate.
  • Reduced Course Load allows students to be under full-time but only for exceptional reasons (ex: medical). Please work with an International Center Advisors to determine if the exception is warranted.
  • If a student wants to submit an I-20 (F-1 document) extension request, an advisor sends an email of support with an estimate of time the student needs to complete their academic program to an International Advisor before the stated program end date on the I-20.
  • International students who are academically disqualified must consult with the International Center Advisor to discuss possible options regarding their F-1 status implications.
  • Students who have an opportunity for internship employment should visit the International Center for advising and authorization to work off campus.
  • Students considering a Leave of Absence to return to their home country should consult with their International Student Advisor first. International students are not permitted to “stop-out” and remain in the USA.

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The Veterans Resource Center provides veterans and military personnel with centralized information, support, guidance and community. You can contact the Center if you have questions related to Veterans, Military Service Members, or Dependents of Veterans.

Here are some tips to better support Veterans, Military Service Members and Dependents of Veterans

  • Veterans and military service members are non-traditional students that come with real world experience.
  • Veterans are career focused and see degree completion as a step in that process.
  • Supporting student veterans and military service members does not mean you are supporting the war effort.
  • Veteran status is confidential and only the veteran can release this information.
  • Veterans will self-disclose their veteran status when they are comfortable.
  • The majority of veterans at Cal Poly Pomona are transfer students.
  • Women are veterans and military service members too!
  • We do have students that are currently serving in the military.  When they are on military orders these orders are non-negotiable.  Be supportive of the student.
  • Veterans, military service members and dependents of veteran utilizing U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) educational benefits (e.g. GI BILL) are required by the VA to submit an approved educational plan that is signed by their academic advisor.
    • Only courses that are required for their degree count for VA benefits certification.
    • Twelve required units equals full time educational benefits.
    • VA educational benefits for veterans, military service members and dependents of veterans are time sensitive.

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Incoming students who have an EPT hold on their account are required to fulfill the course requirement over summer. If they do not comply, their admission is revoked. After completion of their summer remediation, they are encouraged to take the English Stretch sequence that is best suited for them. Students who have an ELM hold on their account are also required to begin their coursework the summer before their first Fall term. The hold will state how many levels of developmental math coursework they are required to complete. The developmental math courses are MAT 10, MAT 11, and MAT 12 and are not calculated into a student’s GPA but will count toward financial aid and enrollment unit requirements. Students who fail to complete their developmental math course requirements by the end of the summer before their 2nd year) will be placed on Administrative Leave of Absence. Students can apply for extensions by a petition found on the Academic Programs website; however, extensions are only given under extreme circumstances that have made it difficult for a student to complete their requirement. An approved extension petition will give students the opportunity to complete MAT 12 in the Fall term of their 2nd year.

Students who are on academic leave:

  1. Have one year to complete a college-level GE B-4 area course at a community college or private institution. The course must articulate to the lowest required Math course for the student’s major.
  2. Must be in good academic standing to be allowed to continue without further requirements. (Students who are in poor academic standing must complete whichever requirements are required by their academic department.)

NOTE: Students who do not complete a GE B-4 math course within one year will be required to reapply to the university as a transfer student; they are also required to complete whatever admissions requirements there are for transfer applicants.

The Associate Registrar and the Early Start Coordinator will regularly check on the students who are on leave to ensure that they are making progress toward their B-4 course. You can find more information on the Early Start website.

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Student Health and Counseling Services provides a variety of resources for students to support their physical and mental health needs. Student Health Services provides students with a variety of resources including unlimited medical appointments, basic testing and exam services, education, flu shots, and more. Counseling Services provide short-term individual therapy, as well as couples and group therapy sessions, referrals, mentor programs, workshops, and relaxation training. Additional Wellness Services provide students with education and prevention resources such as blood pressure checks, condoms, CPR classes, HIV testing and more.

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Students can apply for services through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Students need to fill out the online application and upload documentation of their disability. Under the “Forms and Documents” tab there are guidelines for what type of documentation is needed for each type of disability. Once the application and documentation are received the DRC will contact the student to schedule appointments for Intake and for Orientation. The Intake appointment is where the student will meet with the counselor to discuss what accommodations they are requesting. The Orientation appointment is where they will learn how to use the services and accommodations they are given.

The DRC does not test for disabilities. If a student thinks they have an undiagnosed disability, the DRC will refer them to a resource list of available places that do disability testing which includes insurance information and out-of-pocket prices. The DRC has a financial aid form available to students who receive financial aid and who do not have insurance to cover the testing costs. Financial Aid is only awarded if funds are available.

The DRC provides services that include disability-related counseling, advocacy, assistive technology, alternate media services, deaf and hard-of-hearing services, test accommodations, classroom accommodations, and mobility assistance. ARCHES, the sister program of the DRC, also offers peer advising and tutoring to students accepted into the program. Another benefit of registering with the DRC is that students will receive priority registration. 

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Undeclared students are housed within Student Support and Equity Services. SSEP Advisors work with the undeclared population to help students determine an appropriate major. Undeclared students might find it challenging to get into Impacted Programs. Undeclared students are not given priority over any other students. They must declare a major within their first year at Cal Poly Pomona.

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Safety is important for all members of the campus community. PolyCares focuses on proactively identifying, assessing, and offering support to students who pose a risk to themselves or others. If you are concerned for the safety of your student, yourself, or others, you can submit a report here. If the threat is immediate, please call 911 (from a campus phone) or 909-869-3070 (from a cell phone or non-campus phone).

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