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Assigning Advisors

Instructions on Assigning Advisors in PeopleSoft

Assigning Advisors in PeopleSoft can be a useful way to connect students to their advisees. When you assign advisors in PeopleSoft, you must keep in mind that you will need to update advisor assignments on a continuous basis.

For those individuals that are in charge of assigning advisors to advisees in PeopleSoft you must do the following:

  1. For current staff/faculty who already have some kind of PeopleSoft access to student record/information, the department chair or college dean/associate dean may open an IT service ticket to request and to authorize the access. Please include in the ticket the person’s name, Bronco number and department.
  2. For new employees or current employees who don’t have PeopleSoft access to student record/information, please prepare and attach to the ticket the PeopleSoft user access request form and the HR Information Access Confidentiality form. The forms and the requesting procedure may be found here

Once you have access, for directions on how to assign advisors to advisees, please us the Assigning Advisors Manual.

If you are an advisor but you do not teach any classes, then you will not be able to assign students to yourself. In order to assign advisees to yourself, you need to contact so you can be added to the Instructor/Advisor table in PeopleSoft.