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GradesFirst Information

GradesFirst Access for Faculty and Staff:


GradesFirst Updates (12.8.17):

Please be aware of the following GradesFirst updates:

New Appointment Center view

  • The New Appointment Center view and functionality became available in the live site starting Monday, November 7. If you would like instructions or an overview of the new features, please contact Erin DeRosa at
  • NOTE: you can continue to use the old Appointment Center view for now if you would like, but please know that it will be phased out over time. Tutor Center will be removed first.

Additional Functional Improvement Rollout

  • Several new features were turned on in the TRAINING environment on Monday, November 7. Faculty and staff users are encouraged to test this new functionality in GradesFirst in anticipation of the additional functionality will be rolled out in the coming month(s).

The following updates will be made to Advising Student Services by February:

  • “Individual Academic Plan (IAP)” will change to “IAP/MyPlanner”
  • “Below 2.2 Advising” will change to “At-risk Advising”
  • “2 and 4 year pledge” will change to “CA Promise/CPP Pledge”
  • We will add: “Semester Conversion” and “Transcript/DPR Adjustments”


GradesFirst Capabilities:

GradesFirst has multiple capabilities including:

  1. Note storage that can be shared with other advisors or the student only

  2. Online Appointment scheduling

  3. A communication archive between student and advisor

  4. Ability to issue early alerts

  5. Creating reports of students based on certain criteria

  6. Notifications to advisors when a student checks in for an appnt (for Advising Centers)

Tutorials and Instructions:


Calendar Set-up for Appointments

Communication with Students


Advising Reports

Advising Center Check-in Notifications