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Professional Development Resources

Resources from Professional Development Events

Day of the Advisor

Charlie Nutt Presentation

Winter Academic Advisors Council Jan. 29, 2016

Powerpoint 1/29/16                     Chat with Charlie Group Notes

Identifying and Helping Students in Distress Dec. 4, 2015

Powerpoint 12/4/15        FacStaff-Helping Students in Distress Resource Guide       Information on Helping Emotionally Distressed Student

Fall Academic Advisors Council Oct. 23, 2015

Course Substitution Form versus GAP Petition                 Tools Resources for Advisors

Advising Needs of First Generation Students: NACADA Leaders Share their Experiences. Webinar and Discussion hosted on Sept. 16, 2015

Discussion Outline        CPP Handout            NACADA Handout            Article on First-Gen students (Dr. Lideth Ortega-Villalobos)

Advising Organizations

NACADA is the National Academic Advising Association that consists of prfessional advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators, and students working to enhance the educational development of students.

The Council for the Advancement of Standards promotes guidelines for various functional areas in Higher Education that facilitate student learning and development. The CAS Standards for Advising are beneficial to helping advising areas identify strengths and deficiencies.