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Are your career interests and chosen major a good fit for you?

Children are often asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”  Most often, the answer to this question changes as we grow.  This is especially true when we hit college.  College students often find their interests and abilities challenged by the rigor of college-level coursework.  Poor grades, lack of motivation or evolving intellectual interests frequently lead students to question, “Is this really what I’m cut out for?”, “Am I any good at this?”, “Isn’t there something out there that I might find more enjoyable given my personality?”  The Cal Poly Pomona Career Center has developed a resource that can be tremendously helpful if you are questioning the career or major decisions you have made.  Check out the Career/Major Choice tab.

Ask Billy

Ask Billy



Ready, Set, Graduate!

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Graduation Workshops will help you understand the process of applying for graduation. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to attend. No registration required. Read more here...

CSU Online Concurrent Enrollment (OCE)

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More Choices for Classes! CSU Online Concurrent Enrollment (CourseMatch) Students enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona have access to fully articulated online courses at other quarter CSU campuses through Online Concurrent Enrollment (CourseMatch). This access is offered without students being required to be admitted formally to the other CSU campus, and sometimes without paying additional fees. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine how such a course may apply to their degree program, prior to enrolling at another CSU campus. Read more here...

The Graduation Initiative

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With a focus on retention and improved graduation rates campus-wide, the mission of the Graduation Initiative is clear, “To reinforce quality education and promote academic success by understanding the issues that hinder retention and completion and addressing the findings with appropriate interventions, services, and practices.”  Interested in learning more and getting involved?   Learn more here.