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Awards, Scholarships and Competitions

A team of AMM juniors answers questions from Target executives

A team of AMM juniors answers questions from Target executives about their proposed strategy.

Target executives award the winning case study team

Target executives award the winning case study team with $4,000 in the Target Case Study Competition.

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We also acknowledge our winners at the AMM Annual Banquet during Spring Quarter each year.


Each year the AMM Department recognizes many students with a variety of awards.  These are for achievements by freshmen, sopohomore, junior and senior students.  Students are eligible to win awards in multiple years. AMM students are also eligible for College of Ag level awards for scholarship(valedictorian) and leadership.


Students may apply for a variety of scholarships at the Department, College and University level.  Information regarding these are in the College of Agriculture Scholarship publication and the Financial Aid website.


AMM students have won Department sponsored student competitions of various types including video, fashion and document based entries.

Apparel industry organizations such as the Young Menswear Association, the California Fashion Foundation/Textile Association of Los Angeles and the Orange County Chapter of the American Sewing Guild sponsor competitions. AMM students have been recipients of all these organization's awards.

Local companies have asked AMM students to take a business issue they are facing and propose solutions for them.  These case studies provide real world experiences in problem identification, research, information analysis, and presentation of findings in written and oral form. Companies such as Target have sponsored case studies in a competition format, with selected teams winning prizes of up to $4,000.

Previous sponsors of competitions have been generous in creating unique learning opportunities for AMM students.  See our list of recent donors.