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Major Department

Agribusiness & Food Industry Management / Agricultural Science
Office Faculty/Staff
Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management / 
Ag Education 
Phone: (909) 869-2214 
Location: 2-209
Farias, Dorothy Lecturer
Harshberger, Tami Administrative Coordinator
Jong, Joyce Lecturer
Mellano, Valerie Interim Department Chair /Professor
Merlino, Nancy Lecturer
Miller, Kim Assistant Professor
Mulhall, Marguerite
Phillips, Jon Assistant Professor

Animal Health Science / Animal Science
Office Faculty/Staff
Animal & Veterinary Sciences 
Phone: (909) 869-2216 
Location: 2-123

Alderson, James Professor
Bidlack, Wei Lecturer
Chung, Cindy Lecturer
De La Parra, Sarah Administrative Coordinator
Estep, Anthony Livestock Technician
Fonda, Ed Professor
Foyil, Brad Livestock Technician
Greene, Holly Research Technician
Haag, Mark Lecturer
Harl, Audra Lecturer
Hulgreen, Melissa Lecturer
Kennedy, Bruce Lecturer
Miller, Steve Livestock Technician
Murinda, Shelton Associate Professor
Nout, Yvette Assistant Professor
Pettey, Allen Assistant Professor
Pettey, Erica Lecturer
Rash, Michele Associate Professor
Reichardt, Sherri Animal Health Technician
Sandelin, Broc Department Chair /Professor
Sohn, Joanne Lecturer
Tessler, Cindy Animal Health Technician
Wallace, Melody Lecturer

Apparel Merchandising & Management
Office Faculty/Staff
Apparel Merchandising & Management 
Phone: (909) 869-3377 
Location: 45-152
Che, Jiangning Assistant Professor
Dabas, Chitra Assistant Professor
Espinas, Antonio Instructional Technician
Espy, Sheila Lecturer
Hu, Jianli Assistant Professor
Heimler, Ronald Lecturer
Johnson, Deborah Lecturer
Kilduff, Peter Department Chair /Professor
Kim, Angella Assistant Professor
Mutz, Patty Administrative Coordinator
Parise, Alejandra Lecturer
Regan, Cindy Professor
Scholz, Suzanne Lecturer
Senanayake, Muditha Associate Professor
Tucker, Linda Lecturer

Food Science & Technology / Foods & Nutrition
Office Faculty/Staff
Human Nutrition & Food Science 
Phone: (909) 869-2226 
Location: 7-110
Amin, Samir Lecturer
Bidlack, Wayne Professor
Burns-Whitmore, Bonny Professor
Chan, Vickie Lecturer
Edens, David Lecturer
Gordon, Aleida Lecturer
Ha, Donna Instructional Technician
Harrison, Karoline Lecturer
Ilkay, Jasmin Lecturer
Khayef, Golandam Lecturer
Li, Olive Assistant Professor
Loya, Frances Administrative Support Coordinator
Mazhar, Wajeeha Lecturer
Meskin, Mark Professor
McCabe, Dale Lecturer
Sancho-Madriz, Martin Department Chair /Professor
Singh, Harmit Associate Professor
Wallace, Sharonda Assistant Professor
Wien, Michelle Associate Professor
Yu, Jessica Lecturer

Plant Science
Office Faculty/Staff
Plant Science 
Phone: (909) 869-2214 
Location: 2-209
Cabrera-Sanchez, Miguel Farm Technician
Cazares, Jenifer Administrative Support Coordinator
Cleveland, Chad Farm Supervisor
Cullen, Eileen Professor
Downer, Jim Lecturer
Fujimoto, Terry Professor
Green, Robert Lecturer
Harshberger, Tami Administrative Coordinator
Hostetler, Dan Professor /Director of Farm Operations
Hyder, Naveen Lecturer
Kaae, Dick Professor
Kumar, Ramesh Professor
Manzano, Luther Nursery Assistant
Marsh, Amanda Lecturer
Matias, Dave Farm Supervisor
McKee, Duncan Soils Lab Technician
Mellano, Valerie Department Chair /Professor
Millan, Jorge Farm Equipment Technician
Nichols, Ryan Lecturer
Parkins, Kelly Lecturer
Partida, Greg Professor
Perry, Peggy Professor
Salembier, Monica  Nursery Technician
Still, David Professor
Vis, Eudell Professor
Yee, Mon Lecturer

Administrative Departments

Agricultural Research Institute
Office Staff
Agriculture Research Initiative (ARI) 
Phone: (909) 869-3637 
Location: 30
Bidlack, Wei Administrative Coordinator
Still, David Director

California Department of Education
Office Staff
Phone: (909) 869-4496
Location: 2-203
Havens, Jack Regional Supervisor

Dean's Office
Office Staff
Dean's Office 
Phone: (909) 869-2200 
Location: 2-216
Fode, Penne Administrative Coordinator
Foster, Marybelle Administrative Coordinator
Holz-Clause, Mary Dean
Kessler, Lisa Interim Associate Dean
Myers, Robbie Administrative Analyst

Development Office
Office Staff
Development Office 
Phone: (909) 869-5390 
Location: 2-201
Clause, Reginald Director of Development
Daley, Kristen Director of Major Gifts
Stewart, Deanna Administrative Coordinator

Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch
Office Staff
Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch 
Phone: (909) 869-4906 
Location: 211
Orozco, Brenda Event Coordinator
Taccone, Dawn Manager

Recruitment & Retention Office
Office Faculty/Staff
Recruitment & Retention Office 
Phone: (909) 869-2869 
Location: 2-114

Komatsu, Nami College Advisor
Ostrowski, Rhonda Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
Townley, Danielle Recruitment & Retention Assistant

W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center
Office Staff
W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center 
Phone: (909) 869-4988 
Location: 29-100
Alderson, James Director
Crowe, Kate Farm Manager
Nagano, Marie Livestock Technician
Pina, Kelly Administrative Coordinator
Shotwell-Tabke, Marissa Trainer
Stinson, Mark Senior Trainer

Other Offices and Centers

Department Phone
AGREES (909) 869-2869
Agriscapes (909) 869-6722
Apparel Technology & Research Center (909) 869-3377
Center for Antimicrobial Research & Food Safety (909) 896-2089
Center for Seed Technology & Genetics Lab (909) 869-2138
Center for Turf, Irrigation & Landscape Technology (909) 869-2084
Equine Research Center (909) 869-2156
Raymond Burr Orchid Collection (909) 869-2299
W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library (909) 869-3775

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Mailing Address:

  • College of Agriculture
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • 3801 West Temple Avenue
  • Pomona, CA 91768

Campus Locations: 

  • Buildings 2, 7 and 45


Phone (toll-free):

  • (888) 2DAYS AG


  • (909) 869-4454

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