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Job Titles & Salaries

Human Nutrition and Food Science

The diversified curriculum in the study of nutrition, food science, and food service management prepares the graduate for a wide variety of challenging professional careers. Graduates are employed in the health care field and food industry as nutritionists, dietitians, nutrition researchers, food technologists, food sales representatives, and food services administrators. Graduates go on to attend graduate school, medical, dental and pharmacy graduate programs. Food scientists work in various stages of food processing such as product development, quality control and government inspection. Foods and nutrition graduates also work in the areas of food marketing, sales and administration for the food industry. The professional trained in the areas of foods and nutrition will be in increasing demand as health care becomes more specialized and the food industry grows to meet consumer needs.

Job Titles

Listed below are some of the specific job titles available for graduates in this major:

Food Product Development

  • Recipe Developer
  • Food Editor
  • Sensory Analyst
  • Food Processing Chemist
  • Food Test Kitchen Coordinator
  • Food Technologist
  • Food Microbiologist

Food Production

  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Food Safety Analyst
  • Food Production Manager
  • Caterer

Food Services

  • School Food Service Director
  • Hospital Food Service Director
  • Restaurant Manager

Graduate School

  • Attend MS and PhD programs in cancer epidemiology, public health, life sciences, nutrition, food science.
  • Apply and attend Medical School, Pharmacy-PhD programs, Dental School, Nursing MS programs, Veterinary Medicine School.

Health Care

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Community Nutritionist
  • Dietary Consultant
  • Health & Wellness Educator
  • Peace Corps/VISTA Volunteer
  • Wellness Center Administrator
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant


  • Nutrition Researcher
  • Consumer Behavior Researcher
  • Food Production Researcher
  • Food Safety Researcher

Sales / Marketing

  • Food Stylist/Photographer
  • Sales Representative
  • Grocery Store Consultant
  • Buyer/Purchasing Agent
  • Health Care Product Sales Representative
  • Food Marketing Group Representative
  • Food Broker