Equine Research Center (ERC)

The Equine Research Center (ERC) is located next to the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center at Cal Poly University, Pomona, California. The ERC, funded in large part by Oak Tree Racing Association, was dedicated in 1980. It offers both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to study horse health and function, reproductive physiology, exercise physiology, animal behavior, parasitology and immunology. Students may also study exercise physiology using a modern high-speed treadmill shared by the two centers. Students perfect their knowledge and technical skills by collecting and processing semen and embryos, growing tissue cultures, assaying hormones and analyzing scientific data. They are also instructed in the use of sophisticated computer programs that assist in the analysis of scientific data. Quality research is emphasized and student researchers are encouraged to present the results of their work at local, national and international scientific forums