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College of Agriculture 70th Anniversary Photo Gallery

70th Anniversary celebration – March 21 and 22, 2009

On March 21st the College hosted a reception and banquet in the Bronco Student Center for alumni, faculty, staff and students of the College of Agriculture. On March 22nd the College hosted a Sunday Horse Show at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center and a Barbeque at the Farm Store.

» Read more about our 70 years of history in the Fall 2008 issue of Agricolumn.
» Read more about our 70th Anniversary Banquet and Barbeque in the Fall 2009 issue of Agricolumn.

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Reception Bill Hughes, Duane Sharp, Ed Fonda, Anita Klein Jim Alderson, Robert & Mary Buell Jim Alderson, Robert & Mary Buell Robert Bray Reception attendees Animal Science display Sherrie Reichardt John Trei, George Pool, Nancy Merlino Sharon Roth, Don Huntley, Michelle Magis Marilyn Winterbourne, Diane Dixson Kathy Zell, Wayne Bidlack, Don Huntleys Reception attendees mingle Having a great time! Cedric & Gerry Matsushima Art & Sandy Parker, Wayne Bidlack'Butch' Lindley Ed Cogger Don Huntley and President Ortiz Barbeque! FMA Display (Food Marketing & Management) Dan Hostetler Ron Simons & Company Ag Science display Betty Ortiz, Norman Fang Ron Simons 'Mr. Cal Poly' Dining room Welcome area Gregg Van Citters with daughter and wife Jessica Gordon Plant Science display Mike Siegel, Alicia Salis, Ricardo Sierra Iline Toate and husband Foods & Nutrition display Harpist playing during the reception Brian Chun, Mary Lou Vasquez, Jackie Smith, Malynn Porayanee Visitors pet Libertie at the Anniversary Horse Show Dean Les Young with daughter Lisa and granddaughter A mare and her foal exhibited during the Anniversary Horse Show The BBQ crew Mary Lou Vasquez, Jackie Smith Dinner