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Dean's Council

Chairman, Dale Stern, Esq.
Partner at Stern, Van Vleck &
McCarron LLP, Sacramento, CA
(Agricultural Biology, ’84; 2010
Distinguished Alumnus, College of Ag)

Mr. Stern serves as general counsel to more than 50 nonprofit organizations representing many sectors of California’s food industry, ranging from production agriculture to food processors to grocery stores.

“It is quite an honor to be selected by Dean Young to serve on his Advisory Council. He has assembled an outstanding group of people, all of whom have a tremendous appreciation for the importance of the College of Agriculture’s mission of educating future leaders in a ‘learnby-doing’ environment. I look forward to working with each of them in furthering that mission.”

Dale Stern portrait

Dale Stern

Marty Evanson
President, Jobber's Meat Packing Company, Inc.
and Ice Cold Storage Company, Los Angeles, CA
(2004/05 College Award of Distinction; Animal Husbandry, ’63)

Jobber’s is a leading meat packing company which serves customers throughout the U.S. and in international markets. Marty has served the National Meat Association as a past member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Over the years, his company has donated meat items to the Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences to support fundraising and other activities.

Marty Evanson portrait

Marty Evanson

Lisa Alley-Zarkades
Vice President, Foodtech, E.T. Horn Company,
La Mirada, CA
(Foods & Nutrition, ’82)

E. T. Horn is one of the nation’s premier distributors of raw materials and chemicals for use in a variety of products including animal foods and supplements. Ms. Alley-Zarkades has over 20 years of food industry experience in technical sales and technical sales management positions. The company’s culinary lab, established when she was Vice President of the FoodTech Group, is an outstanding example of how Lisa and her team set the standard for technical leadership in the Specialty Ingredient Distribution Industry. In her new position, Lisa and her Animal Wellness team focus on the improvement of the overall health and wellness, and quality of life of animals.

Lisa Alley Zakardes portrait

Ms. Lisa Alley-Zarkades

Dennis Firestone
President, KKW Trucking and Furniture
Transportation Systems, Pomona, CA

KKW Trucking is a competitive general commodities
interstate truckload carrier serving 11 Western states. Dennis has been President of KKW Trucking since 1967. He is past president of the California Trucking Association and previously served as State Vice President to the American Trucking Association. Our Livestock Show Team has benefited from the use of one of the company’s semi-tractors to haul livestock to the Great Western Livestock Show.

Dennis Firestone portrait

Dennis Firestone

Henry Cherner
President, AIMS Technology Solutions, Sacramento, CA

AIMS, an industry leader in apparel software, designs and develops stateof-the-art software solutions for apparel manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers. In addition to membership on the Dean’s Council, Mr. Cherner serves on the Advisory Board for the Apparel Merchandising & Management Department at Cal Poly Pomona.

“As a long-time AMM board member of Cal Poly Pomona and over 35 years experience in the apparel industry, I want to help find a way to give back to the industry. I am hoping that I can recruit other apparel companies to help achieve the goals of the Dean’s Council.”

Henry Cherner portrait

Henry Cherner

Mike Provenzano, Sr.
President & CEO, Pro & Sons, Inc., Ontario, CA
(Agricultural Business Management, ’66; 2005 Commencement Speaker)

Pro’s Ranch Markets is one of the fastest growingsupermarket companies in the U.S., operating 11 Hispanic format retail grocery stores in four states. Mike was selected for the first Thomas K. Zaucha Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, presented by Kraft Foods at the National Grocers Association convention in February 2009. In 2003, Mike created an endowment for faculty development in honor of his former professor, Milo Lacy

Mike Provenzano portrait

Mike Provenzano

Michael Sencer
Executive Vice President, Hidden Villa Ranch,
Fullerton, CA

Hidden Villa Ranch is a producer, processor, exporter,
and national marketer of eggs and exporter of milk.
Domestic and international sales for 2008 exceeded
$175 million dollars. Michael is a graduate of the
California Agricultural Leadership Program (Class
XXVIII) and is currently on their Foundation’s Board of Directors. Hidden Villa has sponsored the College’s Western Collegiate Food Marketing Competition and Michael has taught agriculture marketing courses for the Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management program.

Michael Sencer portrait

Michael Sencer