Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)

About This Club

The Turf Club,” or by its official title, the Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendent's Association of America (GCSAA) , is unique among student clubs because of its association with its parent organization. The GCSAA serves to advance the profession of the golf course superintendent and is, by itself, an international organization with over 20,000 members. Local chapters, such as the California Golf Course Superintendent's Association, the Hi-Lo, the Southern Cal, and the San Diego Chapters of the GCSAA, provide liaison to the “National,” in addition to educational seminars and social functions. The Turf Club is recognized by the “National” as a local chapter, and affords students an opportunity to gain access to the profession that are invaluable and otherwise unobtainable. No other club in the College of Agriculture is as closely linked to its industry application as the Turf Club.

The Turf Club participates in numerous activities during the year, each unique in function and form. The reasons for participation are as varied as the events themselves, but all can be linked to a few common themes. The club establishes links to the community through its presence at the annual Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival. Links to the golf course industry are strengthened by the club's participation in events such as the Landscape, Turf and Equipment Expo.

Several events are designed as fundraisers, enabling the club to send its members to the GCSAA National Convention. As the club gets stronger, so does our presence at the Convention, and so does the amount of the support we can give our members. Last year, the club partially subsidized the attendance of nine members to the GCSAA National Convention in Orlando, FL. This year the Turf Club will be attending the Convention in San Antonio.

Mission Statement: To provide Cal Poly Pomona students and associates, interested in pursuing a career in golf turf, sports turf, and turf irrigation, a platform from which they can: 1) network among industry professionals; 2) apply and compete for turf-related scholarships; 3) seek out and complete golf course internships, and 4) seek out and participate in non-traditional educational opportunities.

2017 - 2018 Officers & More

President: Mark Nakatsui
Vice President: Trisha Moreira
Secretary: Laura Gonzales
Treasurer: Trisha Moreira
Advisor: Oscar Del Real and Priti Saxena
Club Email:
Club Website:
Meeting Date/Time/Location:   TBD
Club Majors: Plant Science, Landscape Architecture
Number of Members: 17
Club Events & Activities: Pumpkin Festival, Cal Poly CUP
Annual Trips/Travel: Turf Bowl, Sports field and golf course visits
Mission: Allow members to experience non-classroom learning through industry interaction.