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Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

AGREES Peer Advisors

About This Club

Peer Advisors

The AGREES Peer Advisor program is a unique leadership experience for students in the College of Agriculture.  It provides students the opportunity to participate in the College’s retention and first year experience efforts.  Those students selected to serve gain valuable experience working in a team environment, interacting with students and faculty, and developing leadership and career skills.

The primary duty of an AGREES Peer Advisor is to be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfer students.  This is accomplished by serving as a teaching assistant in the freshmen AG 100 classes, conducting Transfer Roundtables, and holding office hours in the AGREES Center.  In addition, Peer Advisors participate in a variety of other college and university activities, including orientation, Bronco Fusion, Club Fair & Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Festival, and Open House.  The Peer Advisors also look for new ways to contribute to student life in the college and in 2009, began publishing the College of Agriculture’s Student Handbook and Planner.

The AGREES Peer Advisors are a chartered organization with the University and as such, elect an officer team, participate in the College of Agriculture's student government, Ag Council, and conduct fundraising activities. 

Students interested in becoming a Peer Advisor must participate in the annual selection process. Applications are accepted in January each year. Qualified applicants then participate in a selection workshop and an individual interview during the month of February. Peer Advisors are announced in March and training begins in spring quarter. Peer Advisors serve a one year term beginning with summer quarter and continuing through the following spring quarter.

2014 - 2015 Officers & More

President:  Sofia Pardave 
Vice President:  Taylor Gann 
Secretary:  Tiffany Li 
Treasurer:  Olivia Haslim 
Publicity:  Jessica Barragan 
Ag Council Rep:  Nazanin Sattari 
Social Chair:  Alexandra Strobel 
Historian:  Audry Muller 
Planner Chair:  Cindy Gomez 
Advisor:  Rhonda Ostrowski
Club Email:
Club website:
Meeting date/time/location:  Every Thursday/12:00 p.m./2-125
Club majors:  All agriculture majors
Number of members:  11
Club Events & Activities:  Orientation, Open House, COA Planners
General Information:  Students interacting with faculty and freshmen to increase retention as well as gain leadership and career skills.
History of Club:  Established in 2004-2005.
Club Goals:  To be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfers.

Meet our Peer Advisors

April Aquino April Aquino

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : NSLS, Meat Science Club (IVCC), and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : Sewing, reading, video games, learning new languages, and volleyball

Hometown : West Covina, CA

High School : Ganesha High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : After graduation, I plan to attend a veterinary school and earn my DVM focusing on large animals.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : I have really enjoyed being a part of the Focus On The Future Program. Not only did this program greatly improve my employment skills, it also gave me the opportunity to meet great people and advisors outside of my major. A majority of the students in the program were AMM or Foods & Nutrition majors so I was able to develop and learn about their interests. I feel that this experience has contributed to my sense of belonging here at Cal Poly and pride of being a Bronco.

On being a Peer Advisor : I am looking forward to talking to the new students about programs, such as the 4-year pledge that can help keep them on track. By taking advantage of different resources available on campus, especially within the College of Agriculture, students can decrease their levels of unease or concerns associated with transitioning into college.

Jessica Barragan Jessica Barragan

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fifth

Age : 23

College Activities : Peer Advisors, Foods & Nutrition Forum Club, and Phi U

Hobbies : Cooking and eating delicious food, working out, doing outdoor activities, and spending time with friends and family

Hometown : Riverside, CA

Transferred from : Norco College

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : I plan on becoming a Registered Dietitian. As an RD I want to specialize in Oncology Nutrition and help individuals who are at risk for, or diagnosed with any malignant conditions. Through better nutrition, I want to help individuals improve their quality of life.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite Cal Poly experience is being part of Estudiante Dietético. We are able to go out into the field and give live nutrition education presentations to the Spanish community as well as do some nutrition counseling.

On being a Peer Advisor : As a transfer student, I know how overwhelming the transition to a new school can be at first. Being a returning Peer Advisor this year, I can help incoming freshmen and transfer students make a smooth transition into Cal Poly. I want to provide students with valuable information that I’ve learned from my experiences so that they can become successful here too. I’m excited for the opportunity to get to work with faculty, staff, meet new faces, and gain new experiences.

Taylor Gann Taylor Gann

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : FN Forum Member, Peer Advisor Treasurer, Volunteer at San Antonio Community Hospital

Hobbies : Anything outdoors: hiking, walking, gardening, trips to the beach, camping, and cooking

Hometown : Rancho Cucamonga, CA

High School : Rancho Cucamonga High School

Work : For the last three years I have worked at the Lacoste Outlet in Ontario Mills. Prior to this I worked at Home Depot and Nestle Tollhouse.

Career Plans : I hope to graduate in 2016 with my B.S. From there I plan to apply for a dietetic internship and go on to become a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Education in a clinical setting.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : By far, my favorite CPP experience has been all of the events I have participated in as a Peer Advisor.  Pumpkin Festival was probably the best because I was able to play with the kids who ran through our hay maze.

On being a Peer Advisor : I have absolutely loved being a Peer Advisor because I’ve been able to lend a helping hand to some students who have needed it the most.  When I was a freshman I never had a mentor like this, so I am always more than happy to assist those students in need. This year I also want to help my fellow club members grow into and learn the importance of their roles as Peer Advisors.

Cindy Gomez Cindy Gomez

Major : Animal Health Science

Year in School : Third

Age : 20

College Activities : Current member of AHSTA, Publicity Chair of The Green Team, and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : Longboarding, rock climbing, swimming, drawing, and dancing

Hometown : Carson, CA

High School : Rancho Verde High School

Work : Sales Associate at Charlotte Russe

Career Plans : I’m working to be licensed as an RVTg, LATg, and DVM. I want to work within the research field and work with exotic animals at some point in my life.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : I love skating down the hills of Cal Poly on my longboard. I get together with some friends and we walk up the highest hills and challenge ourselves to make it down safely. It’s always refreshing and is one of my favorite stress relievers.

On being a Peer Advisor : As a Peer Advisor for the College of Agriculture, I want to formally introduce incoming freshmen and transfer students to Cal Poly Pomona. I want to be the person these students come to, to answer questions and give out helpful tips. During fall quarter of my freshman year, I would have been completely lost without my Peer Advisor in AG 100. She was extremely knowledgeable and told me about the various resources Cal Poly Pomona has to offer. I now want to be that person for incoming Cal Poly students.

Olivia Haslim Olivia Haslim

Major : Apparel Merchandising and Management

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : 4-Year Pledge, Apparel Merchandising & Management Association, Ag Ambassadors, and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : Shopping, going to Disneyland, watching TV, eating, spending time with family and friends

Hometown : Rowland Heights, CA

High School : John A. Rowland High School

Work : Associate at Old Navy

Career Plans : Graduate from Cal Poly Pomona and begin working in the apparel industry or pursue an MBA. Favorite Cal Poly Experience : Having the opportunity to participate in Ag Ambassadors the past two years. It was great being able to connect with the College of Agriculture as an apparel student and it opened my eyes to the opportunities agriculture offers. I was also able to practice my public speaking skills and spread knowledge of Cal Poly Pomona’s Ag programs to prospective students in addition to meeting a lot of great people.

On being a Peer Advisor : I’m excited to begin my service as a Peer Advisor to actively assist incoming students through their transition from high school or community college into Cal Poly Pomona. I feel that my three years of experience has prepared me well for this exciting role.

Tiffany Li Tiffany Li

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 20

College Activities : VSA Club, VSA Traditional Dance, Foal Watch, Seasonal Danny’s Farm Volunteer and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : Watching movies, playing PC games, outdoor activities & sports, eating, and traveling

Hometown : Arcadia, CA

High School : Arcadia High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : To attend vet school and become a licensed veterinarian for companion and exotic animals- possibly large animals as well

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : One out of many of my favorite Cal Poly experiences could be participating Danny’s Farm mobile petting zoo events. Seeing the genuine smiles on many young faces and having the opportunity to spread knowledge about our farm animals at events was definitely unforgettable!

On being a Peer Advisor : As a Peer Advisor, I hope to influence incoming freshmen and transfer students in a positive way. A single Peer Advisor can reach out and help many students all at once. I want to be the person who reaches out to individuals who may seem lost, or uncertain about college because of simple questions he or she may have. I believe it’s important to give my fellow students the support they need, just as the peer advisors and orientation leaders have given me during my first year of college.

Audry Muller Audry Muller

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Third

Age : 33

College Activities : Estudiante De Dietética and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : Soccer, softball, and dancing

Hometown : Pomona, CA

Transferred from : Mt. San Antonio College

Work : Server/Cook at Islands Restaurant

Career Plans : I would like to earn my Masters in Nutrition Education and pursue a career as a Registered Dietician.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite Cal Poly experience has been participating in the Estudiante De Dietética curriculum while taking all my upper-division courses in Spanish. This experience has truly enhanced my ability to better serve the Spanish speaking community now and for my future as a Registered Dietician.

On being a Peer Advisor : I’m thrilled to be a Peer Advisor this year and anxiously await the arrival of the new freshmen and transfer students. I hope to be the connection they need to transition easily to our campus and become involved in some awesome new clubs.

Sofia Pardave Sofia Pardave

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fifth

Age : 24

College Activities : Peer Advisors, Foods & Nutrition Forum, Phi Upsilon Omicron Honors Society and Dean's List

Hobbies : Reading, baking, cooking, the gym, and spending time with friends and family

Hometown : Glendale, CA

Transferred from : Pasadena City College

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : To become a physician

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite Cal Poly experience so far has been being a part of Peer Advisors, which has given me the opportunity to meet new people and help out new students with their transition to Cal Poly Pomona.

On being a Peer Advisor : I am so excited to be a Peer Advisor this year because I love helping people in general and I know sometimes adjusting to the college lifestyle can be overwhelming. I hope to be a great resource and support system for all my fellow students. I look forward to meeting new students, staff, and enriching my own experience here at Cal Poly Pomona.

Nazanin Sattari Nazanin Sattari

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fifth

Age : 22

College Activities : Peer Advisors, Ag Ambassadors, Foods & Nutrition Forum, and Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society

Hobbies : I am fond of spending time with my family, arts and crafts, watching movies, baking, and playing video games.

Hometown : Azusa, CA

High School : Azusa High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I aspire to become a pharmacist by attending pharmacy school. I would also like to participate in philanthropic causes that focus on providing vaccinations or medications to children and families in need.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : I am blessed and grateful for the numerous experiences throughout my time here because I have learned something from each experience. I remember when I was an Ag Ambassador I went to the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. I had never taken a road trip until this experience and I had a spectacular time! I was able to inform students and parents about what our university has to offer and truly use the “Learn by Doing” philosophy. In addition, I was able to speak with other ambassadors from other universities and see how agriculture is applied in real life situations.

On being a Peer Advisor : I am honored to be a Peer Advisor because I still remember my first day of my AG 100 class and how my Peer Advisor had a crucial impact during my first year. This is a unique opportunity where it’s a goal of mine to provide the same positive experience I had with my Peer Advisor to the incoming students. It’s always a pleasure lending a hand to others and a fun way to meet new people. College is a time where you learn about yourself and your capabilities, among other things. I am confident that my experiences will help me guide new students in the right direction.

Alexandra Strobel Alexandra Strobel

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : Dean’s Honor List, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Campus Crusade for Christ, Chi Omega, and Peer Advisors

Hobbies : I like to modify and make up fun recipes, that being said, I love to eat!  I enjoy being active; going to the gym and playing basketball.  Nothing beats a good book.  I may be in college but I still love to color and watch Disney movies.  I am truly passionate about traveling; roaming around the country and visiting other continents has been the most exceptional and inspiring experience and I cannot wait for my next adventure.

Hometown : Corona, CA

High School : Riverside Christian High School

Work : Party City Retail Associate

Career Plans : Immediately after graduation I would love to get involved in mission work in depressed societies by developing nutritional meal plans based on the resources that are readily available. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to become a Registered Dietitian but I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out and I’m excited to see where life takes me.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : Too many to choose…I love all the opportunities Cal Poly provides to get involved- especially if you are a commuter. Rushing a sorority and joining different clubs has truly helped me enjoy my time at Cal Poly to the fullest!

On being a Peer Advisor : I’m excited to meet tons of new people and to be a mentor to the new Ag students because it’s important that the transition from high school to college is a fun and feasible one.

Selection Process

Peer Advisor 2014-2015 Application Packet (PDF)

All applicants will be required to:

  • submit an application, resume, and two evaluations;
  • participate in the selection workshop and interview, if invited;
  • be enrolled in an academic program within the College of Agriculture;
  • have a grade point average of at least 3.0;
  • have junior or senior standing;
  • be available to commit to the program for one year, June through June;
  • be available 4-5 hours per week during the academic year;
  • complete the Ag Leadership class; and
  • demonstrate excellent oral communication skills, evidence of a positive Cal Poly Pomona experience, an outgoing personality, enthusiastic, and active in college activities.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader to open and view all PDF files with full functionality. To download Adobe Reader, visit


By accepting the position of Peer Advisor, a student agrees to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • attend the Ag Leadership class during spring quarter, Fridays 3:00-5:00 p.m.;
  • participate in summer orientation;
  • attend the Peer Advisor retreat;
  • attend assigned section of AG 100 fall quarter;
  • staff the AGREES Center;
  • attend Peer Advisor meetings;
  • wear the Peer Advisor polo shirt in class and during office hours;
  • exhibit professional behavior consistent with that of a representative of the College of Agriculture and the University;
  • be enrolled in at least 9 units per quarter; and
  • maintain a 3.0 grade point average.


Peer Advisors receive the following benefits:

  • two units of credit for the Ag Leadership Class;
  • a quarterly stipend of $100 (dependent on funding);
  • priority registration (dependent on approval);
  • a Peer Advisor polo shirt; and
  • use of the AGREES Center.

Program Coordinator

For questions or more information, please contact:

Rhonda Ostrowski
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
College of Agriculture
(909) 869-3718

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