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The AGRIscapes facilities, farm, and gardens provide an exciting new learning venue for Cal Poly Pomona students and the general public. Formal University curriculum offered during the week through the College of Agriculture will be augmented by seminars, forums, short courses, workshops, and applied research projects developed jointly by faculty in the College and community partners.

The AGRIscapes site also serves as a K-12 teacher resource and training center, and the classroom and Visitor Center are available on weekends and evenings to support these efforts.The AGRIscapes facility will serve as a community resource where people will come to learn about issues relating to food production and the environment.

Special programs, docent-led tours, casual strolls around the grounds and shopping at the Farm Store will provide the community an opportunity to study the issues, to see and experience the biological systems upon which we depend for life, and to come to a greater understanding of the amazing system which produces the most plentiful and healthful food supply in the world. Here, the community will learn about the culture and preparation of ethnic foods, new plant varieties, and gardening methods that conserve water and reduce maintenance requirements.


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College of Agriculture Programs

Most people are surprised to find out that agriculture is alive and well in southern California--and we're living proof! We're teaching traditional and urban agriculture to students who will "feed the world, clothe humanity and sustain the earth." But there is a lot more going on in the College of Agriculture than just instruction. Check out our special centers and programs.

Center for Garden-Based Education

The Center for Garden-Based Education at AGRIscapes is one of three Regional Support Centers to implement Superintendent of Instruction Delaine Eastin's call for a Garden in Every School.

The purpose of the Center is to:

support schools and teachers in their efforts to incorporate garden-based themes in their classrooms and curricula

encourage research and scholarship on the topic of garden-based learning

partner with other organizations having similar goals to enhance the education of children through gardens and the environment

Teacher Resources

Think Earth
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
California Integrated Waste Management - Classroom Curriculum



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