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AGRIscapes - Phase One

The concept for AGRIscapes was developed by three Cal Poly Pomona people - Ed Barnes, Dan Hostetler, and Peggy Perry. The idea which evolved over a 10-year period was to create a dynamic "destination" for residents of Southern California to learn about agriculture, landscaping, and the environment. The physical structures and the exhibits in the visitor center and the fields surrounding the facilities were to be equally important to the educational mission of AGRIscapes.

The long-standing partnership between Cal Poly Pomona and the Sanitation Districts provided the funding for the buildings and the exhibits for the first phase of AGRIscapes ~ $5 million. Other contributors helped with the landscaping of the site. Ground breaking was held on June 14, 2000, and the grand opening of the project was held on November 28, 2001. The physical facilities include the Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch, a classroom/laboratory for the horticulture program, and the visitor center.

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AGRIscapes - Phase One Contributors

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County - buildings

Raymond Watje

Valley Crest Tree Co. - Stuart Sperber - landscape trees

Mark Foss

Superior Sod Co. - Dick Considine - turfgrass

La Verne Nursery Inc.
Dieter W. Lodder- fruit trees

Perry and Associates Collaborative - Bob Perry - landscape architect

W. D. Young & Sons - Duane Young - date palms

Recycled Wood Products - Chris Kiralla - mulch

Mark Rogers & Co. - Mark Rogers - landscape installation

Golden State Fence Co.
- Javier Valenzuela - estate fencing

El Modeno Gardens - Toby Mancini - Landscape plants

Boething Treeland Farms
- Ron Reickl - landscape trees

Duraplastic Products, Inc. - Dale Bell - Irrigation

Rain Bird Turf Division - Scott Caringella - Irrigation

Animal Pest Management - Dan Fox

Monica Salembier

Jerry Kwok

Myer Rashe

Stan Iverson

Alumni - Horticulture Plant and Soil Science

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The master plan for AGRIscapes includes expansion of the buildings, construction of greenhouses and relocation of the horticulture unit, expansion of the garden displays, and refresh of the exhibits in the visitor center as new ideas and concepts emerge. Designing new exhibits, and constructing new buildings is a time consuming and costly process. For this reason, the university is looking for new partnerships that will support the growth and change. We need your help.

For information on how you can contribute your ideas and resources to expand and improve AGRIscapes, contact Dan Hostetler.

To make a donation to AGRIscapes, the Office of University Advancement has made it easier than ever, and allows you to specify that you want your contribution to go to AGRIscapes when you fill out the online form.



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