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The new Visitors Center serves as the principle point of contact with the public and was designed along the lines of a science and industry type exhibition hall. The primary purpose is to promote agricultural and environmental literacy through an exploration of scientific and historical information.

The large oak tree which stands at the heart of the Visitors Center symbolizes the importance of plants to our life on earth and is the visual link between the cycles of the natural world and recycling systems that can be designed for environmentally sustainable cities.

The Visitors Center includes a theater with a preprogrammed selection of videos on environmental issues that is activated by a touch screen display. The theater can accommodate small groups (up to 35) and also is equipped with a full array of equipment to support presentations, lectures, and on-line instruction.

Inside the Visitors Center are two exhibit areas: one devoted to the history of agriculture and the use of technology in food production systems; the other devoted to water and environmentally beneficial waste related strategies.

For information, fee schedule, and availability, please contact Brenda Orozco at (909) 869-6722 or


The Visitors Center contains several interactive kiosks where you can "test your plant I.Q." and learn about integrated waste management strategies.

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