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Agriculture instructors teach high school students applications in science, management, leadership, and technology related to food and natural resource systems. Working with animals, plants, and products under laboratory conditions allow students to learn through hands-on real-life experience. Agriculture teachers strive to make learning fun and meaningful for each student so they may become successful in school, work, and life. Agriculture teachers are given the opportunity to to make a powerful and positive difference in the lives of their students. 


Agricultural educators are in high demand. There are more students in agriculture programs than ever before. Expanding agriculture programs are creating an even greater shortage in the supply. Teachers receive excellent benefits and a wonderful retirement program, estimated at 30%. The average starting salary for a first year agriculture teacher in Southern California is $55,000 plus benefits (10/07 R2 data) .  The average salary is $76,261.00 (not including benefits). The top salary for Southern California high school agriculutre teachers is $124,611.00 (not including benefits). 


Ag feild day 2007

First, find out if agricultural education is right for you. Research a local agriculture program, volunteer for an agriculture program, or shadow an agriculture teacher for a day. Next, go to school and earn a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Science. Then apply to Cal Poly Pomona's credential program and take teacher preparation courses. Once these classes are completed begin student teaching at any high school with a recognized agriculture program. You can then obtain a full-time position and enjoy an amazing career that benefits future generations.