Physics 102
Fundamentals of Physics
Professor Mallinckrodt
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Course Description
Physics 102, Fundamentals of Physics, is a one-quarter General Education course in physics intended primarily for nonscience majors.

Course Materials
Homework Assignments/b>
Assignment #1 † (Due March 28)
Assignment #2 † (Due April 2)
Assignment #3 † (Due April 4)
Assignment #4 † (Due April 11)
Assignment #5 † (Due April 16)
Assignment #6 † (Due April 23)
Assignment #7 † (Due May 14)
Assignment #8 † (Due May 21)
Assignment #9 † (Due June 1)
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Interesting class-related links
Multiple topic sites
     "How Stuff Works"
         Bored with all that theory? Find out how it's put to work every day in everything you use!
     "Physics 2000"
         (An Interactive Journey through Modern Physics, from the University of Colorado at Boulder)
     "Physics Links"
         (From "StudyWeb")
     "The Physics Zone"
         (From the "Science Joy Wagon")
     Java Applets
         (Physics 1 website, CalTech)
Chapter 1: About Science
     "The Moon's Shadow Crosses the Face of the Earth During a Solar Eclipse"
         A "movie" taken from a geostationary satellite (GOES 10) during the 26 February 01998 Solar Eclipse
         A "movie" of the moon as it appears from the Earth over the course of one lunar cycle--i.e., one "moonth"!
     "A Solar Prominence"
         A "movie" of the Sun during a major solar prominence.

The fine print
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