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Physics 131L is the laboratory course that accompanies Physics 131.




Interactive Physics




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Spring Quarter 2012

    Detailed specifications on the format that I request you use for lab reports, my criteria in evaluating your reports, and the meaning of cryptic marks that I make on your reports.

2. Sample Lab Writeup

    An example illustrating the format described in the "Format Details and Scoring Guide"

3. Lab Report Self Evaluation

    A cover sheet for your lab reports

4. "Quiz 0"

    A simple quiz on error analysis to see if you "get it." Complete and bring with you to the second class meeting.
  • Excellent Resources on handling uncertainties and graphing from Professor Vern Lindberg at Rochester Institute of Technology
    Uncertainies Manual
    Graphing Manual
  • Linefit Application
    A java applet written by Cal Poly Pomona students for use in finding best linear fits to experimental data
  • College of Science Emergency Procedures
    All students are responsible for being aware of these Emergency Procedures.
    Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them.

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