Sociology Honor Society & Club

Our Mission

"Since its inception, the aim of Alpha Kappa Delta has been to stimulate scholarship while focusing on the fellowship for students, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The mission of AKD, is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge, critical thinking, research, and communication skills necessary to explore, understand, and improve their social worlds. What we envision for the Sigma chapter is a student honor society whereby we combine the AKD values of to study and to serve so that we practice our scholarship and become involved as much as possible through public service, and to encourage contributions and participation in not only our community, but in diverse communities as well."

How was AKD Established

"In 1920, University of Southern California sociologist Dr. Emory S. Bogardus founded Alpha Kappa Delta for the purposes of stimulating scholarship and promoting the scientific study of society. Bogardus' impetus in establishing this organization was to provide a forum for student and faculty interchange. His endeavor paved the way for what has become an international organization dedicated to promoting, facilitating, and recognizing academic scholarship. As we enter the 21st century, Alpha Kappa Delta is an integral part of many Sociology programs and is proud to acknowledge that in the past eight decades, over 80,000 scholars have been initiated into the Society. More than 490 chapters have been chartered in the United States, Canada, China, Finland, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Singapore."


AKD meetings are held every Thursday

During U-Hour 12-12:50 pm

In Building 5 Room 106

Our Advisors

Dr. Faye L. Wachs

Dr. Jack Fong
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