The Affordable Learning Solutions Project (ALI) helps counter the rising cost of an education by connecting students and faculty with alternatives to full-price textbooks.

Faculty and students at Cal Poly Pomona have been voicing their concern about the high cost of textbooks for some time. The Affordable Learning Solutions project is our response to this concern.

The Provost has asked the Library to develop the implementation of the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Campaign at Cal Poly Pomona. We have organized the ALI Steering Committee to help with this implementation. The charge of this committee is to provide access to resources that will help faculty choose and provide quality, accessible educational content that is more affordable for their students. Choosing textbooks and learning materials are the purview of the faculty. Our purpose is to help faculty find quality alternatives. This can be in the form of digital textbooks, open courseware resources, publishers' repositories, ebooks, the book rental program at the bookstore, or textbooks on reserve in the library.

For more information about this program and to check out options available to students, please visit the ALI website at