Advancement Services Procedures

Data Integrity- Handling of Donor and Alumni Data

University Advancement manages all biographical and financial records stored within a central records system. In adherence to the CA Privacy Laws, all records are to be treated as confidential. In order to have access capabilities, individuals must first receive authorization clearance by the Office of Advancement Services.  Not all requests will be honored but will be reviewed, and potential users will be assigned rights based on their need, job description and approval from their supervisor.  Upon approval, each user will be provided with a personal access code for entry into the system.  The University does not authorize the use of "shadow" databases that would contain sensitive donor record information. Labels or spreadsheets produced for all mailings should be generated by Information Systems to assure university-wide coordination of solicitations and greatest accuracy of mailing addresses.

Requesting Donor and Alumni Reports

All requests for alumni and donor reports can be submitted to Advancement Services. Please allow 5-7 working days for turnaround. 

Acceptance of Gifts-  Working with Development

The Office of Gift Processing is responsible for processing and recording all philanthropic gifts. All gifts must be turned in to the Office of Gift Processing and accompanied by an Acceptance of Gift (AG) form.  Once an AG is assigned a session and sequence number, it is not to leave the Office of Gift Processing under any circumstance.

The Office of Gift Processing updates all information in the alumni/donor database, redacts credit card numbers, check routing numbers, account numbers and signatures.