Dan Beebe Class of 1979


Dan BeebeAs captain of the Cal Poly Pomona football team in the late 1970s, Dan Beebe was a leader on the field. In subsequent years, he has become a leader off the field as well, using his sports expertise to build a reputation that is respected from coast to coast.

Beebe earned a bachelor’s degree in 1979 from Cal Poly Pomona and a law degree in 1982 from the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Among his many accomplishments, Beebe has served as commissioner of the Big 12 and Ohio Valley conferences and as an NCAA director of enforcement.

He later founded Dan Beebe Group, whose core service is to assist organizations identify, prevent and address workplace misconduct, primarily harassment, discrimination, retaliation, sex abuse and wrongful termination.  Dan’s company also provides consulting services related to television, leadership searches, bowl games and championships, as well as advice for institutional and conference governing boards.  Among the group’s clients are the Houston Texans, Fiesta Bowl, Big East Conference and the athletics departments at Alabama, Auburn and Florida.

Beebe and his wife, Molly, have two daughters and two sons, Jessie, Matt, Elaine and Patrick.